City of St. Paul Park 

on the Mississippi

Past Fire Chiefs

In this section we would like to recognize our past fire chiefs.  Some of them have retired and others are still with the fire department serving in other capacities.  Thank you all for your leadership and dedication in serving the citizens of St. Paul Park.  

Russell Perkins     (1936-1939)

Russell Lundt     (1939-1957)

Charles Whitbred Sr     (1958-1961)

Floyd O'Brien     (1962-1964)

Harold Gerry Jr     (1965-1968), (1973-1975)

Leo Carpenter     (1969-1970)

Von Phillips     (1971-1972)

David Kemp     (1976-1978)

DuWayne Rydberg     (1979-1981)

Russell Nelson     (1982-1985)

Donald Winberg     (1986-1988)

Jeff Daggit     (1989-1991)

Michael Niehaus     (1992)

Stan Kulbitski     (1993-1996)

Scott Gerry     (1997-2002)

John Wright     (2003-2004)

Kurk Lee   (2004-2022)

Mike Kramer (2022 - Current)

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