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Applying for a Conditional Use Permit or Interim Use Permit

Conditional Use Permit (CUP)

A conditional use is a land use designation in a zoning ordinance that is specifically allowed in a zoning district so long as certain standards are met.  The use is allowed by permit only. 

The purpose of a Conditional Use Permit is to provide the city with a reasonable degree of discretion in determining the suitability of certain designated uses upon the general welfare, public health and safety. 

Interim Use Permit (IUP)

Interim Use Permits may be granted by the City Council where allowed by zoning district, subject to the same process as required for Conditional Use Permit.  An Interim Use Permit specifies the date and/or conditions for termination of the interim use permit. 


For your convenience listed below is a brief summary of the Conditional Use Permit or Interim Use Permit process.

Attached Document or FileLand Use Application application can be found under FORMS
Attached Document or FileSummary Sheet-CUP or IUP Summary Sheet can be found under FORMS
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