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Landlords and Tenants


The lease should state who is responsible for paying which utility bills.  In some cases, the landlord pays for heat, electricity and water.  Sometimes the tenant is responsible for these bills. If this issue is not addressed in the lease, the tenant and landlord should work out their own understanding.  It is good to put this agreement in writing, and have it signed by both parties. 


In cases where the tenant is responsible for the payment of the water and sewer bill the city encourages the landlord to notify the Utility Billing Department of such payment arrangements.  The billing system can generate and mail a duplicate bill, late payment reminders and disconnection notices to the landlord. 


Nonpayment of the utility bill may trigger either a water shut-off or certification of the delinquency to the County Auditor for collection with taxes. 

Utility Shut Off

When a landlord has contracted to pay for utilities but fails to pay and the utility company gives notice that services will be cut off, or if the utilities are shut off, the tenant(s) may pay to have the services continued or reconnected and may deduct that payment from their rent.  But the tenant(s) must follow certain steps (refer to the Landlord and Tenant Guide published by the Minnesota Attorney General Office). 

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