City of St. Paul Park 

on the Mississippi

Predatory Offender Notification

The Police Department will post information to the community regarding Predatory Offenders here. 

The Police have no authority to prohibit released Predatory Offenders from residing in St. Paul Park.  Released Predatory Offenders have always lived in Minnesota communities.  In 1996 the Minnesota Legislature created a Community Notification process regarding certain criminal offenders allowing Law Enforcement to release specific information to the community.  The goal of the notification is not to create undue fear in the community, but to provide accurate useful information that community members can use to educate themselves, their families, employees and students regarding personal safety. 

More information about Predatory Offender Registration and the offenders can be found on the Minnesota Department of Corrections website in the Offender Search section

Currently the City of St. Paul Park has no Level 3 Predatory Offenders residing in the city.

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