City of St. Paul Park 

on the Mississippi

Bus Safety and Crossing Guards

School begins in September.  Please watch for children walking to and from school.  When you see a student patrol assisting schoolmates with crossing a street, you must come to a complete stop.  It is illegal to drive through a line of children who are crossing the road, even if a school safety patrol is not present. 


Stopping for a School Bus.  When approaching a school bus with its amber lights flashing, remember to slow down and prepare to stop.  It is against the law to pass on the right side of a school bus while it is displaying red or yellow flashing lights. 

Flashing Red Lights.  When approaching a school bus with its red lights flashing and stop arm extended, you must stop your vehicle at least 20 feet from the bus.  Oncoming traffic and motorists approaching the bus from behind may not move until the stop arm is retracted and the red lights are no longer flashing.  You are guilty of a misdemeanor (a fine of not less than $300, and your driver's license may be suspended) if you break either of these laws. 

Passing a School Bus.  It is illegal to pass a school bus on the right side when its red lights are flashing and its stop arm is extended.  It is also illegal to pass a school bus on either side when one or more children are outside of the bus, red lights are flashing, and the stop arm is extended.  A law enforcement officer with probable cause to believe a driver has violated this law may arrest the driver within four hours of the violation.

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