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Flashing Lights mean 'Move Over'

Minnesota Statute 169.18s11:  When approaching and before passing an authorized emergency vehicle that is parked or otherwise stopped on or next to a street or highway having two or more lanes in the same direction, the driver of a vehicle shall safely move the vehicle to a lane away from the emergency vehicle.

To Put it Simply:
  • If you are traveling on a roadway with two or more lanes, you must keep a lane away when passing a stopped ambulance, fire truck, or law enforcement vehicle.
  • If you are not able to safely move a lane away, reduce your speed.
  • If you fail to take these actions you could receive a citation.
  • Ignoring this law endangers the law enforcement personnel, and tow truck drivers who provide critical -- sometimes lifesaving -- services on Minnesota roadways.

The next time you see flashing lights up ahead, remember to move over.  Obeying this little-known law could make a big difference.
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