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Defensive Driving Tips

  Defensive Driving Tips
1 Buckle up and be sure everyone in your vehicle buckles up, too.  Make sure little ones ride in approved and properly installed child safety restraints.
2 Observe all traffic signs and signals--all of the time.
3 Plan your trip.  Allow for weather and road conditions.
4 Check mirrors and blind spots, and signal before turning or making lane changes.
5 Drive defensively by constantly scanning the roadway for hazards.  Pay attention.  Don't multi-task while you're behind the wheel.
6 Adjust your driving speed to road, weather and other conditions.  Don't speed.
7 Don't drive impaired and don't drive while you're drowsy.  When you're out with friends, use a designated driver.
8 Keep a three-second following distance from the vehicle in frotn of you, and more if driving conditions are poor.
9 Keep your vehicle in good repair.
10 Share the road responsibly with trucks, bikes, pedestrians, and motorcycles.
11 Keep your cool.  Don't put yourself or others at risk by driving aggressively.

Source:  Minnesota Safety Council
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