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Bike Safety

Prepare your children for a safe biking season.  Teach them the rules of the road and encourage them to wear a helmet.  Check out the Minnesota Safety Council for great bike safety tips.

Bike Helmets need proper fit

Bicycle helmets are not hats.  To protect you in a crash, your helmet must fit comfortably and securely.  The following tips will help you get a proper fit.

Adjust The Fitting Pads
Most helmets come with extra foam pads inside to customize the fit.  Adjust these fitting pads so they touch your head evenly all the way around.  If you have a "one-size fits all" model with a fitting ring, adjust the fit by tightening the ring, if needed.

Adjust The Straps
With the helmet level on hour head, adjust the rear (nape) straps and the front straps to locate the Y fitting where the straps come together just under our ear.  You may have to slide the straps across the top of the helmet to get them even on both sides.  Next, adjust the chin strap so it is comfortably snug.  Then adjust the rear stabilizer if the helmet has one. 

Test The Fit
Test the fit by shaking your head vigorously.  Push up and back under the front edge of the helmet.  If the helmet moves more than an inch or so and exposes your bare forehead, tighten the strap in front of your ear.  Tighten the nape strap if the helmet bumps on your glasses or if you can pull up on the back edge and move the helmet more than an inch.  Keep working with the straps and pads until your helmet is level, comfortable, and feels solid on your head.  Most bike shops that sell helmets will help you fit the helmet before you leave the store.

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