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Medical Amnesty

Minnesota students worked hard to get state lawmakers to adopt a measure that would provide immunity to underage drinkers who report a medical emergency, in specified circumstances.  Many college students say that 20-year olds feel reluctant to report a medical emergency if people have been drinking due to the prospect of prosecution of an alcohol offense. 

Chapter 112 adds a subdivision to Minn. Stat 340A.503, the law pertaining to underage possession and consumption of alcohol.  It provides that if a person contacts a 911 operator to report that the person or another person is in need of medical assistance for an immediate health or safety concern, the person is not subject to prosecution under this law.  The immunity applies if the person is the first person who initiates contact.  The person must also provide a name and contact information, remain on the scene until assistance arrives, and cooperate with authorities at the scene.  The person who receives medical assistance is also immune from prosecution.  The law also applies to one or two person acting in concert with the person initiating contact provided that all the same requirements are met.  (Effective August 14, 2013)
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