City of St. Paul Park 

on the Mississippi

Pedestrian Safety Tips

Follow the law and these safety guidelines to keep everyone safe


Stop for crossing pedestrians

  • Stop for crossing pedestrians at every intersection, even those without crosswalks or stop lights
  • Before making a turn, look in all directions for pedestrians
  • Leave lots of room between you and the pedestrian when stopping

Watch for pedestrians at all times

  • Scan the road and sides of the road ahead for pedestrians
  • Look carefully behind your vehicle before backing up, especially for small children
  • Watch for people in wheelchairs and motorized carts, who may be below eye level

Avoid distracted and aggressive driving

  • Put away the cell phones, food and make-up
  • Stop for pedestrians, even when they are in the wrong or crossing mid-block
  • Never pass or drive around a vehicle that is stopped for pedestrians
  • Obey speed limits and come to a complete stop at STOP signs



Look before you cross

  • Make eye contact with drivers and ensure they see you and will stop
  • Clearly show your intentions to cross
  • Watch for turning and passing vehicles
  • Look across ALL lanes for moving vehicles before proceeding

Make yourself visible to drivers

  • Stand clear of buses, hedges, parked cars or other obstacles before crossing
  • Cross in a well-lit area at night
  • Wear bright-colored clothing and reflective material
  • Mount a safety flag on a wheelchair, motorized cart or stroller

Avoid dangerous and distracted behaviors

  • Cross streets at marked crosswalks or intersections; don't cross-mid block
  • Remove headphones and stay off cell phones while crossing
  • Obey all traffic signals
  • Don't solely rely on traffic signals; look for vehicles before crossing
  • Always walk on the sidewalk; if there is no sidewalk, walk facing traffic
  • If intoxicated, don't walk without assistance--a cab rides home may be a safer option
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