City of St. Paul Park 

on the Mississippi

When you are a witness to someone committing a crime

The St. Paul Park Police Department requests you to call 911 to report suspicious activity close to when it occurred or while it is occurring.  We often receive reports of suspicious vehicles, person, etc. hours, if not days, after the activity occurred.  Please don't worry that you may be bothering us, this is our job and helps us keep our community safe.

The following are things to think of when reporting the activity.  For vehicles, if at all possible obtain the license plate number, any damage, bumper stickers, the make and model, and vehicle color and year range.  When describing suspicious persons try to not their gender, ethnicity, approximate age, height and weight. What color was their hair, how long or short was it, curly or straight, how was it styled?  What was the person wearing?  Did yo see any tattoos or piercings?  If you head them, did they have an accent?  If you don't have the answers to all of these it's okay, any description is better than none, and not having an answer is better than guessing it. 

If you are a witness to a crime the important thing is to stay safe and call 911 immediately.

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