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Trees : Boulevard Trees

Tree Trimming

The trimming of boulevard trees is necessary for several reasons:

  • Prevents damage to snow removal equipment.
  • Promotes healthy and proper tree growth.
  • Lessens tree disease.
  • Lessens city liability during storms.

Tree Removal

The City will remove boulevard trees that are:

  • dead or dying
  • disease or infestation
  • pose a threat to public safety due to structural hazards
  • for work to install, expand or repair streets or utilities

Trees will not be removed because of:

  • clogged sewer lines
  • to improve view, or
  • eliminate the need to clean up leaves and/or seeds that may fall from the tree.


Boulevard Restoration

Once a tree is removed from the boulevard the city will contract for removal of the stump and the re-seeding of any turf disturbed in the process.  Removal and re-seeding is done at no charge to the property owner.

Front Yard Trees

Some subdivisions within the city have been provided front yard trees by the project developer; these are planted behind the boulevard area.  These trees are the property owner's responsibility.


Before planting trees

Residents should check with the Public Works Department at (651) 459-3730 to determine minimum setback from the street curb.  Lots on street corners have special requirements for landscaping. 


Requests or Concerns

For concerns, clarification or requests feel free to contact the Public Works Department at (651) 459-3730. 






Attached Document or FileBoulevard Tree Maintenance and Removal Policy can be found under CITY POLICIES
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