City of St. Paul Park 

on the Mississippi

Subdivision of Property

Each lot being created must meet the required lot size and setback requirements for existing or proposed structure(s) for the zoning district the parcel is located. 

Subdividing a parcel into two (2) lots.

The property owner requesting the subdivision must send a letter requesting a lot split along with:

1.  Certificate of Survey--showing:

  • The division of proposed lots
  • Proposed legal description for each lot
  • Existing structures and setback measurements

2.  Recordable Deed--with a legal description fore each proposed parcel.

The request is reviewed by the Zoning Administrator to ensure all zoning requirements are met.  If the current zoning requirements are met, the City will stamp its approval on the face of the deed, was well as the survey certificate.  The cost of the review is $25 per parcel. 

Note:  All assessments and taxes must be paid in full for all lots involved before filing with the County. 

After City approval the applicant files the deed and the certificate of survey with Washington County Recorders Office.  There will be a fee for filing.  

Subdivisions of three or more parcels must apply for a minor subdivision. 

More information regarding Minor Subdivisions can be found in Chapter 62 of the City Code of Ordinance.  Click here for the Land Use Application--application can be found under FORMS.



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