City of St. Paul Park 

on the Mississippi

Garage Sale Signs and others

Posting Signs:

Reminder to all city residents--garage sale, moving sale, elections signs, etc. must be placed on private property only!

Placing signs on public property such as power poles, stop signs, street signs, park land and boulevards are not allowed under City Code.  This regulation also applies to county and state right-of-ways.

Placement; location:

Placing your sign at least fifteen (15) feet of the edge of blacktop curb or paved roadways will ensure that the placement of your sign is on private property. 

Check with homeowner for any irrigation systems or invisible fencing that may be installed prior to placing your sign. 


Removal of Illegal Signs; Costs:

Signs placed in city right-of-ways or illegally placed are removed by the St. Paul Park Public Works Department. 

Signs may be returned to the owner upon request, but the owner shall pay a fee of $5 per sign. 

To claim your sign(s), contact Rob Weldon, Public Works Supervisor at (651) 459-3730.  

Unclaimed signs are discarded after 14 days.  


Garage Sales

City Code Section 74-323

Sales per year--Not to exceed 2

Duration of sale--Not to exceed 3 consecutive days.

All signs must be removed at the term of sale.

One sign not to exceed 4 square feet permitted on the site of sale.


Campaign Signs:

Campaign signs may be posted from June 25 in any general election year until ten (10) days following the general election.  For special election, campaign signs may be posted thirteen (13) weeks prior until ten (10) days following the special election.

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