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Snowmobile Rules for St. Paul Park

The following rules apply to operating snowmobiles in St. Paul Park

Sec. 66-132. Operation on streets and highways

(a)  No person shall operate a snowmobile upon the roadway shoulder or inside bank or slope of any street within the City of St. Paul Park except as provided in this article.

(b)  A snowmobile may be driven on the streets within the City between the residence of the operator and any public or private property upon which the operation of a snowmobile is permitted, provided:

  1. The route used shall be the most direct route between the residence of the operator and the place of operation of such snowmobile;
  2. The driver shall yield the right-of-way to all pedestrians and vehicular traffic;
  3. No snowmobile shall be driven upon any streets within the City at a speed in excess of ten miles per hour.

(c)  No snowmobile shall be operated upon a public street unless it is equipped with at least on headlamp and one tail lamp, and with brakes that conform to standards prescribed by a rule of the State Commissioner of Highways pursuant to the authority vested in him by law.

(d)  A snowmobile may be operated upon a public street other than as provided by subsection (b) of this section in an emergency during the period of time when and at locations where snow upon the roadway renders travel by automobile impractical.

(e)  All provisions of Section 66-1 shall apply to the operation of snowmobiles upon streets within the City, except for those relating to required equipment, not required by the terms of this article, and except those which by nature, have no application. 

(Section 66-1 refers to Minnesota State Statutes Chapters 169--Traffic Regulations and 171--Drivers' Licenses and Training Schools)

(f)  All snowmobiles operated within the City shall be equipped with a muffler in good operating condition and of the type and design as specified as original equipment by the manufacturer of such snowmobile or equivalent thereto.


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