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Sealing Abandoned Wells

What's wrong with an abandoned well?

An abandoned well, a well that is not in use, can be a potential threat to health, safety, and the environment.  The unused and improperly sealed wells can be a source of groundwater contamination, potentially affecting nearby drinking water wells, city water wells, or even your own well.

How can you help?

By law, a well must be in use, be under a maintenance permit, or be sealed by a licensed well contractor.  A well must be sealed if:

  1. the well is not in use
  2. The well is contaminated
  3. the well has been improperly sealed in the past
  4. the well threatens the quality of the groundwater, or
  5. the well otherwise poses a threat to health and safety

Anyone with an abandoned well is encouraged to apply for assistance through Washington County Abandoned Well Sealing Reimbursement Program.
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