City of St. Paul Park 

on the Mississippi

Dog Licenses

The City requires all dogs to be licensed.  Only three dogs per residence are allowed.  License can be obtained at City Hall.  Bring with you a copy of the Rabies Vaccination.  City Ordinance requires that all dogs have a current vaccination.

Puppies:  Rabies Vaccination is not required for any dog less than six months of age.  However the license will automatically expire when the dog attains the age of seven months unless a rabies vaccination is provided. 

Cost of License: 

Dog License, 1 year....$10.00

Dog license, 2 year ..... $20.00

Dog license, 3 year ..... $30.00

Penalty after 12/31 ..... $5.00

Penalty after 1/31 ..... $10.00


City of St. Paul Park, 600 Portland Avenue, St. Paul Park MN 55071