City of St. Paul Park 

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Business License

The City of St. Paul Park requires every business (including home-based) to fill out a business license application.

Business License Application

What to submit:

  1. Complete a Business License Application
  2. Provide proof of "Certificate of Occupancy" or proof the Tenant Build-out Permit has been finalized

Home Occupation License

A Home Occupation License is required before conducting a business in your home.  For a complete list of permitted home occupations, check out City Code Section 22-256.  For the safety of the community, some businesses are better suited in commercially zoned districts and are not allowed to be conducted in a home--check out section 22-257 for those businesses not allowed.

What to submit:

  1. Complete a Home Occupation License Application

Additional Licenses

Certain kinds of business activity may require additional licenses, check with the city, county and state to verify if one is necessary for your business.

Attached Document or FileLicensing Division Visit the Licensing Division for other licenses.
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