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Business Recycling

As of January 1, 2016 most businesses in the Metro area will have to recycle at least three types of materials (Minn. Stat. 115A.151).  Any owner of a commercial building that contracts for 4 cubic yards or more per week of solid waste collection must ensure the building collects at least three types of materials for recycling. 


Waste streams for businesses are unique. When deciding which materials to recycle, consider which materials you produce the most of. Businesses can recycle items such as plastic pallet wrap, scrap plastic, scrap metal, and more. Washington County has recycling experts that can help you determine what your business can recycle, which containers you need and where to place them.  Also, using standardized labels, signage, and colors helps staff and customers to recycle better.



Washington County would like to help you setup or improve your recycling at your business.  Grant funds available to improve recycling at your business

  • Up to $10,000 for bins or equipment.
  • Free standard labels for recycling and trash bins


Your Recycling Expert can help you apply for grant funding. The Recycling Experts can also help you decide how often your waste and recycling should be picked up. Right-sizing your waste collection may save your business money on waste hauling fees and taxes.

Here is how the program works.

  1. Connect with a Recycling Expert
  2. Free site visit
  3. Apply for Money
  4. Launch or relaunch program

For more information about recycling and to see FREE resources, go to

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