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Voting machine to assist the disabled

Automark Unit
Automark Unit

This year there will be a new voting machine called the "AutoMark" at each precinct to assist the disabled.  They are being implemented due to the federal Help America Vote Act of 2002, which requires all precincts to have machines in place that disabled people can use privately and independently. 

Instructions and demonstrations will be given beginning August 1.  If you are disabled and would like to preview this machine, call City Hall for dates and times.

What the "AutoMark" can do:

  • It can help you mark your ballot by coloring in the ovals for you.
  • It can enlarge the print of your ballot for easier reading.
  • It can provide high constrast by changing to white letters on a black background.
  • It can read the ballot to you and prompt you to make a selection. 
  • It will allow write-ins by typing in your candidate.
  • It will confirm your selections.
  • It will allow changes until the ballot has been marked and printed.


The "AutoMark" cannot:

  • Tabulate or count ballots.
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