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Curbside Voting and Assistance

Curbside Voting

A voter who is unable to enter a polling place may register and vote without leaving their vehicle.  Two Election Judges from different parties will come outside to assist the voter.



If a voter needs assistance because of a disability, inability to read or write, difficulty with English or other reasons, the voter has several options:

Person of voter's choice

Voter can get assistance from a person of the voter's choice, except the voter's employer, an officer or agent of the voter's union or a candidate in the election.

Election Judges

Voter can get the assistance of two Election Judges from different parties.

AutoMark Machine

Voter can use the AutoMark machine available at each polling place.   Learn more. 

Limits on assistance:

Persons assisting voters must not mark the ballot if the voter cannot communicate his or her intent.  Doing otherwise is a gross misdemeanor. (Minn. Stat. Section 204C.16)

Persons assisting a voter may not request, persuade, induce or attempt to persuade or induce the voter to vote for any particular political party or candidate. 

Persons assisting a voter may not reveal to anyone the name of any candidate for who the voter has voted for or anything that took place while assisting the voter.

An individual (other than an Election Judge) may not assist more than 3 voters in marking their ballots.


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