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Best Management Practices for small construction sites

Best Management Practices for small construction sites.

  1. Preserve existing vegetation where possible to prevent erosion.
  2. Paint and Stucco stored on the site must be contained.
  3. Perimeter Controls shall be used to surround the entire site.
  4. Building Materials/Staging Areas should always be covered when not in use to prevent runoff caused by wind or rain
  5. Dewatering activities (A DNR permit may be required before dewatering during construction)
  6. Storm drains and catch basins must be protected at all time.
  7. Concrete Trucks/Pumpers parked in public streets or alleys should be surrounded by perimeter controls.
  8. Washout Area must be checked and maintained daily to ensure compliance
  9. Dirt and Grading should be stored on site and covered each day with tarp and must have perimeter controls at all times.
  10. Earthmoving equipment should be stored onsite.  Maintenance and repair should never be conducted on the site.
  11. Construction site access drives should be made of mulch, wood chips or 3-4 inch rocks with a geo-textile liner below the grade of the road. 
  12. Dumpsters should be covered and areas around the dumpsters swept daily. 

For a more detailed list of Best Management Practices for small construction sites click on the document below.

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