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Stormwater Permits

Stormwater Permit is required for construction activities disturbing areas greater than one acre.  Such activities include but are not limited to clearing and grubbing, grading, excavating, and demolition.

No land shall be disturbed until the Stormwater Management Plan is approved by the City Engineer.  At a minimum, applicants must meet the specifications set forth in the City's Engineering Design Standards, and observe the standards established in the NPDES Construction Stormwater Permit and the City's Surface Water Management Plan.  

Stormwater Management
(Summary of Sec. 74-240)

  1. Stormwater Management Plan--must be submitted to the City Engineer for approval prior to the start of construction activity.  Standards for the stormwater management shall be as follows:
      • Specifications--At a minimum, applicants msut comply iwth the standards established in NPDES Construction Stormwater Permit requirements.
      • Design Criteria--Stormwater Management Plans must meet the design criteria as provided in the City's Engineering Design Standards and the City's Surface Water Management Plan.
      • Maintenance Agreement--The applicant shall enter in a maintenance agreement with the City that documents all responsibilities for operation and maintenance of long-term sotrmwater treatment BMPs.
  2. Financial Security--Upon approval of the stormwater management plan, the applicant must submit a letter of credit or cash escrow to cover 125% of the amount of the established cost of complying with the stormwater management plan.
  3. Inspection and Maintenance--the permitee or his/her agent are required to make regular inspections of all control measures in accordance with the inspection schedule outlined in the NDPES Construction Stormwater Permit.  Prior to any construction, the permitee must provide the City with a schedule for erosion and sediment control inspection, street cleaning, and street sweeping that meet the criteria of the City's Engineering Design Standards.


Attached Document or FileEngineering Design Standards can be found under CITY POLICIES
Attached Document or FileSurface Water Management Plan can be found under CITY POLICIES
Attached Document or FileStormwater Management (Ordinance No. 716)
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