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Burning Bans

On occasion the DNR will issue a burning ban for Washington County, which may include recreational fires.  These bans usually begin in the spring for a 4-6 week period depending on precipitation.  These bans may also be issued during the summer and fall months. 

When recreational fires are permitted it must be no larger than 3' x 3'.  Also during this time period, take extra precautions and always have extinguishing devices nearby.   
To find out if there is a burning ban in your area or for more information call the DNR at (651) 296-6157 or check out
Reasons for Burning Ban & Why You Should Obey the Law

Dry conditions lead to open-burning restrictions.  Traditionally, April and May are the months when local, state and federal agencies respond to the highest number of wildfires; approximately 80 percent of all wildfires in Minnesota occur during this period. 

Once the restrictions are in place, they will continue for four to six weeks or until vegetation greens up enough to significantly lower the fire danger. 

The DNR can issue a limited number of permits through a variance process during the restriction period.  But these permits are confined to situations such as prescribed fires that are conducted by trained personnel, burning for approved agricultural practices and construction, or economic hardship burning for which there is no feasible alternative.

"State law dictates that the costs of wildlife suppression for fires that escape control are the property owner's responsibility," a DNR spokesperson said.  "By restricting unnecessary burns, we're helping to suppress that likelihood and protect personal property and lives."
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