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Opening a Business in SPP--How to get started

The City of  St. Paul Park is happy and excited that you want to open your business here.  We are here to help you.


Step 1:  Planning and Zoning Approval

Look before you lease!  Check the zoning, parking and other regulations with City of St. Paul Park Planning and Zoning Department before signing a contract with a leasing agent. When you visit City Hall, be sure to describe your business in detail and ask a lot of questions.  This helps ensure that you are in compliance with zoning regulations and to obtain all the permit and license applications required for your business.  


Step 2:  Building Official Approval

For businesses moving into an existing space be sure to check with the Building Department for a building permit and/or certificate of occupancy


Step 3:  Licenses/Permits Applications

Every business in the City of St. Paul Park is required to obtain a Business License.  If your business is home-based you must apply for a Home Occupation License.  As a new business you may be required to obtain additional permits or licenses from the City, State or other agencies.


Step 4:  City Council Approval

Most permits and licenses can be approved administratively  Some permits and licenses may require City Council approval which can take 45 days for processing and approval.  Please plan accordingly. 


Assistance & Resources

Check out our Economic Development section for resources and assistance. 

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