City of St. Paul Park 

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Special Events

Permit Required

Any person or organization desiring to hold a Special Event in the City must first obtain a Special Event permit from the City in addition to any other permits required for the event by state law or city ordinance.

Special Event

Any concert, parade, fair, show, festival, carnival, rally, party, filming of a movie, video or television show, motorcade, run, street dance, bike-a-thon, race, walk or athletic event or other attended entertainment or celebration that is to be held in whole or in part upon publicly owned property or public right-of-way, or if held wholly or partly upon private property, will require the use of Special Services. 

Exemptions--A permit is not required for:

  • Wedding ceremonies, funeral ceremonies and funeral processions;
  • Any event attended by fewer than 200 persons at one time which does not require any Special Services and does not involve the sale of alcohol;
  • Any event that is otherwise regulated by the city through the use of another regulatory manner, such as an interim use permit or conditional use permit; and
  • The use of traditional public forums as alternative channels of communication by the public, provided that such use is for the free exercise of constitutionally protected activities and does not disrupt or interfere with traffic on public streets or the use of public places by other members of the public.

Special Services

The exclusive allocation of city resources, including, but not limited to, city personnel, equipment, rights-of-way, property or facilities for use in conjunction with a specific event or activity, as requested by the host or sponsor of the event, or as requested by or on behalf of any person attending the event, or deemed necessary by city staff in order to maintain public safety. 

Special services shall include, but not limited to, any of the following:

  • Street closures;
  • Requiring police officers to stop or reroute traffic;
  • Special police protection;
  • Stationing emergency vehicles at or in the immediate vicinity of the event;
  • Exclusive use of city streets as a staging area or for event parking;
  • Additional street cleaning and garbage removal services;
  • Special signage, such as temporary no parking signs;
  • The use of any city building, equipment or other property for any purpose other than normal daily operations of the city; or
  • The city otherwise providing exclusive services.

Permit Application

Special Event permit application must be filed with the city at least 60 days in advance of the date in which the Special Event is to occur. 

For more information--See City Code Chapter 22

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