City of St. Paul Park 

on the Mississippi


All license applications need to clearly define the premises that are being licensed for the sale of liquor. 

A license may be issued only to areas:

  • That are compact and contiguous. 
  • Parking lots are excluded from the premises as it might lead people to think they can consume beverages in their cars. 


Establishments interested in expanding their licensed premises to include an outdoor area:

  1. Must submit an application for review of site plan for outdoor area for liquor establishments.
  2. After all submittals are received and deemed complete, your application and site plan will be reviewed by City staff and if necessary other city commissions.
  3. Final approval by City Council is required.
  4. After approval by he City Council, the next step is to apply for the necessary permits. (i.e., building permits, fence permit)
  5. Once the final inspection has been conducted, you will need to provide a certificate of liquor liability covering the approved area. 
  6. Upon receipt of the certificate of liability coverage, the liquor license will be amended to include the outdoor area.
  7. Process may take 60-75 days to complete.
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