City of St. Paul Park 

on the Mississippi


Before a license can be issued, the applicant must provide proof of Liquor Liability Insurance and Worker's Compensation Compliance.

Certificate of Liquor Liability Insurance must:

  • Be at least the minimum amounts required by MN Statutes, section 340A.409.
  • The insurance certificates must have the licensed Corporation Name and DBA (Doing Business As), and the licensed business address.
  • The name on the insurance certificate matches EXACTLY with the LICENSEE NAME listed on the application. 
    • Example:  Renewal form lists ABC Company, Inc.--The insurance must also read ABC Company, Inc. and not just ABC Company, leaving off the Inc.
    • Example:  Renewal form lists Mark & Jane Anderson, Anderson's Eatery--The insurance must include both of these names and not just Anderson's Eatery, or Mark Anderson without Jane's name. 
  • Insurance dates must run concurrent withe the license year (January 1 - December 31).  The only exception is to have "Continuous until cancelled" included in the description of operations section.
  • Insured's Address on the insurance certificate is the same address as the licensed premises.  No home addresses or PO Boxes. 
  • Those with an approved outdoor area, this outdoor area must be part of the licensed premises on the application and must be covered by liquor liability insurance 


Workers' Compensation

  • Must provide a certificate of Workers Compensation Insurance Coverage OR a signed Certificate of Compliance
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