City of St. Paul Park 

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Economic Development

Business District on Broadway Avenue
Business District on Broadway Avenue
The City of St. Paul Park desires economic development to provide jobs, increase tax base, and offer goods and services for its citizens.  Businesses and industries who are considering moving to St. Paul Park, or existing businesses and industries who are considering expansion can obtain helpful information from the City regarding Comprehensive Plan goals and policies, land use and environmental regulations, approval processes, available buildings and sites, municipal sanitary sewer and water, and transportation networks.  For assistance and further information contact:


City Administrator
(651) 459-9785

Broadway Progress Program

The Broadway Progress Program is designed to assist new and existing business owners with the improvement of commercial zoned properties located on Broadway Avenue in the City of St. Paul Park. Click to view more information about this new program.

Business: Open To Business

Are you thinking about starting your own business or are you currently operating a small business and interested in technical assistance?  St. Paul Park has partnered with the Metropolitan Consortium of Community Developers (MCCD) to offer the Open To Business program.  This program provides free one-on-one assistance from MCCD's expert staff, customize to meet the specific needs of each entrepreneur.
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