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What you should know before selecting a hauler

Who picks up my trash?

You choose the hauler.  The first step in choosing a trash hauler is knowing which haulers are licensed in the City of St. Paul Park.  Then, start making some calls.  Ask about price, services offered, and where your waste goes for disposal. 

Licensed Haulers in St. Paul Park:



Residential Recycling only

Construction Dumpsters only

Can I haul my own trash?

Yes, there are several transfer stations that accept household waste directly from residents.  Contact them for information about material acceptance, preparation instructions, and fees.

Recycling & Energy Center
100 Red Rock Road
Newport MN 55055
(651) 768-6670


Where does my trash go?

By law in Minnesota, your trash hauler must tell you where your waste is going.  A written statement should be mailed to you each year.  If you did not receive one, contact your trash hauler to request a copy.

Do I have a choice where my trash goes?

Yes, you maintain the legal right to determine the final destination for your trash, unless you sign a contract with your trash hauler stating otherwise. 

Sending your waste to the cheapest facility can create financial risk, or liability, for you.  It can also undermine locally sponsored waste management programs, harm the environment and waste resources.

When you are approached by trash haulers or landfill operators who say they can provide less expensive disposal services, you need to ask "Am I getting what I pay for?"  Some haulers offer low cost services by delivering the waste to landfills in Wisconsin and Iowa.

Am I liable if my trash hauler mismanages my trash?

Financial liability can arise if contamination is discovered at a landfill, and must be cleaned up.  Federal law regards all people or businesses that send waste to a landfill, regardless of how much or what type, as a "potentially responsible party", or PRP.  PRPs can be sued by landfill operators or other PRPs to recover money to help pay for landfill clean up. 

Some haulers and landfills have begun to offer "indemnification", which promises to accept responsibility for such liability.  Review such offers carefully, and consider getting legal advice before signing the indemnification paperwork.  Under federal law, you are considered a PRP at every landfill that receives your waste. 

What is the County Environmental Charge?

The County Environmental Charge (CEC) is a fee assessed to Washington County residents collected on the property tax statement.  For more information visit the Public Health and Environment section of the Washington County website. 


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