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Well Disclosures

Well disclosure is the process by which the seller of property provides information to the buyer and the state about the location and status of all wells on the property.  This process is required by state law, a portion of the Ground Water Protection Act.  The law applies to all types of wells, including wells used for drinking water, irrigation, livestock, commercial or industrial processing, heating or cooling, or monitoring.  These wells include drive-point (sand-point) wells, drilled wells and dug wells. 

When and how do I disclose wells on my property?

Before signing an agreement to sell or transfer real property the seller must disclose in writing to the buyer information about the status and location of all know wells on the property.  This requirement also applies to contract-for-deed sales.

How do I know if there is a well on the property?

A well usually appears as a pipe or casing form 1-1/4 to 6 inches in diameter, but may be a ring of concrete or tile up to 3 feet in diameter.  The pipe may be sticking out of the ground or in a pit.  A well inside a house often can be found by looking in the basement for a pipe that is sticking up from the floor.  This pipe may be in a utility room or a small room adjacent to the basement.  A glass block in a porch step often indicates the location of a well, which is directly beneath the block.  Many older wells were buried.  Pipes sticking out of a wall in the basement may lead to a buried well.  The previous owner or a neighbor may have knowledge of the location of a well. 

In cities and towns, homes constructed prior to the installation of city water services usually have one or more wells, which are often unused and unsealed.  Houses that are not connected to a city water system usually have one or more wells on the property.  The City Hall usually has information about when the house was built, when city water was installed, and may have information about the well itself.  A licensed well contractor can provide assistance in locating wells. 

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