City of St. Paul Park 

on the Mississippi

Zoning Changes made after August 2010

Listed below are zoning changes made after the adoption of the Official Zoning Map (August 2010)--updated 9/8/16

10/25/10--Resolution No. 1238 vacated certain streets and alleys in the vicinity of the St. Paul Park refinery.

2/22/11--Resolution No. 1253 vacated east/west alley for Super America gas station.

2/22/11--Ordinance No. 667 authorized the rezoning of Lots 16-23, Block 90, Division #2 from PUD to R-4 Zoning.

2/22/11--Resolution No. 1259 replatted a single parcel into three parcels (Lots 16-23, Block 90, Division #2)

8/5/11--Ordinance No. 673 authorized the rezoning of Lots 33 and 34, Block 100, Division #4 from R-3 to R-1 Zoning.

11/21/11--Ordinance No. 676 rezoning Riverside Park Estates 2nd addition from R-4 PUD to R-4.

5/7/12--Resolution No. 1304 approving final plat for Riverside Park Estates 3rd Addition (Lots 1-22, Block 1, Riverside Park Estates 2nd addition)

5/7/12--Resolution No. 1305 approving the vacation of drainage and utility easement for Riverside Park Estates 3rd Addition. 

12/7/12--Ordinance No. 690 approving rezoning a portion of Block 76 from R-3 to I-1

6/15/15--Ordinance No. 717 rezoning a portion of of Block 44 from I-2 to B-2

7/17/17--Ordinance No. 738 rezoning Lots 17-20, Block 259, Division #3 from B2 to B3

5/23/18--Ordinance No. 743 rezoning Lots 1-4, Block 255, Division #3 from R1 to B2

1/22/19--Ordinance No. 744 approving Forest Edge Planned Unit Development (Block 106, Division #4)


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