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Comprehensive Plan Update Process

Minnesota Law requires each municipality to submit its proposed comprehensive plan to adjacent units and affected school districts before submitting to the Metropolitan Council.  The City must allow adjacent and affected government units up to six months to review and comment on an updated comprehensive plan.

After adjacent community and affected school district review, the Planning Commission may approve the Comprehensive Plan.  Next the City Council considers the update Comprehensive Plan, acts to give it preliminary approval subject to Metropolitan Council review, and authorizes submittal of the plan to the Metropolitan Council.

The Metropolitan Council will evaluate the plan relative to three criteria:

  • Conformance with all metropolitan systems policy for transportation, water resources and parks;
  • Consistency with requirements of the Metropolitan Land Planning Act and Metropolitan Council policies; and
  • Compatibility with the plans of other local jurisdictions, including school districts.

After the comprehensive plan is submitted and the Metropolitan Council determines the comprehensive plan update includes all the required elements in sufficient detail (15 days from submittal), the Metropolitan Council has 120 days to complete its review of and comment on the local comprehensive plan.

Once the Metropolitan Council has taken action on the comprehensive plan update, the City is required to formally adopt the comprehensive plan within nine months.

Attached Document or FileComprehensive Plan Update view the Draft 2040 Comprehensive Plan
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