City of St. Paul Park 

on the Mississippi

Reduce Waste at Home or Office

Office or Home

Use the "duplex" function on your copier or printer to make double-sided copies that reduce paper waste and saves money.  Set the default mode on all machines for double-sided ("duplex") output.

Reuse paper printed on one side for making draft copies, fax cover sheets or notepads

Buy erasable boards as an alternative to paper.

Use self-stick fax addressing labels instead of printing full-size fax cover sheet (or use half-page sheets if you need to include a message with your fax)

Use electronic software presentations to reduce the use of transparencies and handouts.

Buy solar-powered calculators and other devices to eliminate the need for batteries.

Purchase refillable products such as pens, pencils, and tape dispensers

Reuse file folders and binders; applying new labels extends their usefulness.

Post information on bulletin boards or use e-mail rather than distributing paper memos
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