City of St. Paul Park 

on the Mississippi

Landscaping tips to protect water quality

Thinking about landscaping this spring?  Here are some tips to ensure a watershed friendly project:

  • Select hardy plants that are relatively pest free and suited to your site.
  • Consider reducing the amount of maintained lawn area and increasing the amount of naturalized area. 
  • Provide 15' to 25' buffers of unmowed grass or native species plantings along wetlands and lakes.
  • Mulch flower beds, shrubs, and trees to retain moisture, reduce weeds, and prevent erosion.
  • Use wood mulch or stepping stone paths in heavily traveled areas to prevent soil compaction and erosion.

REMEMBER to keep fertilizers, garden debris, and grass clippings off hard surfaces when landscaping or during yard work.  This will prevent such pollutants from entering local lakes, streams and wetlands during rain events.  

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