City of St. Paul Park 

on the Mississippi

Phosphorus-Free Fertilizer

Why Buy It


Soils in our area have been tested and proven to already contain, in their natural state, sufficient amounts of phosphorus.  Therefore, adding phosphorus (by using fertilizer that contains phosphorus) is not needed.  When phosphorus fertilizer is applied to lawns that already have adequate levels of phosphorus, much of the phosphorus can run off the lawn into the street where it can be carried into lakes, streams and wetlands.  This results in algae growth, causing greenish water, fewer fish, less swimming, less boating.

How to Buy It

You can differentiate phosphorus-free from other fertilizers because it will have "zero" for the center number.  The "active ingredient" labels (the three numbers) on fertilizer containers indicate nitrogen, phosphorus, and potash, always in that order.  These numbers reflect the minimum percentage of each nutrient by weight.  The actual amount could be much higher, since manufacturers are not required to give maximums.  Therefore, it is important that you buy a fertilizer that has a zero for the middle number, guaranteeing there will be NO phosphorus in the fertilizer.

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