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Volunteer Appreciation

Volunteer Appreciation Week
April 21-27 

Hundreds of individuals offer their services and time to various endeavors without expectation of any person remuneration other than the satisfaction in knowing they have helped others and the untiring work and dedication of volunteers, while certainly appreciated, too often goes without adequate recognition of the value and contribution that is made and the spirit of volunteerism spans all age groups and know no boundaries in terms of race, sex, economic status and so forth.  

Therefore the City of St. Paul Park recognizes April 21-27  as "Volunteer Appreciation Week" and encourages citizens of St. Paul Park to join in expressing appreciation for the dedication and outstanding service provided by the individuals who volunteer their time to various endeavors.


Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

Each year the City of St. Paul Park joins organizations and communities throughout the state to give special recognition to volunteers who are making a positive impact on the lives of many.

Outstanding Volunteer Nominations

Do you know someone who volunteers within the City?

The St. Paul Park City Council is seeking nominations of people contributing to the betterment of the City through government or community organization volunteering activities to be named this year's Volunteer of the Year.

Those eligible for nomination are volunteers serving within the city limits of St. Paul Park, Minnesota.

The City Council will review the nominations submitted and select the top nominations to be invited to the Annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner in which the Volunteer of the Year will be announced.

Take a moment to nominate someone today.

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